Customized LCD-TFT Products

Our main goal is to design and manufacture customized products according to our customer needs. We put at your disposal a team of highly experienced engineers that will help you to find the best product design, achieving your technical requirements at the best price. Here some examples…

Digital Outdoor Totem Customized for ADIF with a Transflective 32" TFT Monitor With the Information Passenger System and the Public address system built-in. Weatherproof Housing with a front door access.
Interactive Kiosk Customized for AENA with a 32" Touch screen TFT monitor. Webcam, Microphone and Industrial computer built-in for the user videoconference. Painted steel Housing.
Interactive Kiosk Customized for BANESTO Bank with a 21,5" Touch screen TFT Monitor. Design from our KCV Series customized with Colour, Customer Logotype and Expanded base with hidden wheels.
Digital Totem Customized for IBERIA with a 32" Touch screen Monitor. With a Magnetic Band reader, Passport scanner, and 80mm Tickets Thermal Printer. Located on Connection Flights areas.
Interactive Kiosk customized for VODAFONE with a 19" Touch screen TFT Monitor, a built-in 80mm tickets Thermal Printer and the Queue Managment software from Qless Co.