SOLTEC is a technological and an innovative company with the aim to design, manufacture and provide solutions for audiovisual projects with TFT-LCD technology.

We have highly qualified and specialized professionals in this technology. This way ensures a product and a solution of high end quality and reliability. Our customers have always a technical support through product specialists.

A young human team and a high knowledge of TFT Technology, transmits to our customers an innovative image of the company as well as on the pleasant manners and confidence.

At SOLTEC we just like to provide what is mandatory for the customers, nothing else that what we call "The Solution".


Customized Products

Customized products’ manufacturing according to our clients’ needs is one of the strengths of SOLTEC.

Customization can be a structural (shape, color, logo) and / or functional (type of inputs, Built-in PC, peripherals...)

At SOLTEC we have our own slogan, and it is we make the impossible, possible "We make it possible".

Customer Service / Support

Customer support is one of our main features, therefore at SOLTEC our goal is to provide the best product and the best solution to meet customer’s needs.

Personalized assistance, mainly on the development phase of each project, and the fast exchange of information between us helps you to achieve the best result.

SOLTEC offers the chance of providing standard product samples for approval as available without purchase. This way gets a closer relationship and end customer’s satisfaction.

Professionalism and high quality

The entire SOLTEC products range corresponds to the LCD-TFT Professional Panels Series, qualified as “A Grade” by most of the manufacturers.

We have high qualified professionals and specialized engineers in LCD-TFT technology to ensure a product and a solution of high quality and reliability.

The continuity of our products is around 8 years minimum, same time or above of equipment life (50,000 hours).